Feature Store Sink

The concept of a Sink is a way to store the output of a feature.


class elemeno_ai_sdk.ml.features.ingest.sink.bigquery_ingestion.BigQueryIngestion(fs)
create_table(to_ingest: DataFrame, table_name: str, project_id: str, dataset_id: str) DataFrame

Creates a table in BigQuery if it does not exist.


  • to_ingest: DataFrame to ingest

  • table_name: name of table to be created

  • project_id: GCP project ID

  • dataset_id: ID of the dataset in BigQuery


  • DataFrame with columns in the same order as the FeatureTable

ingest_schema(feature_table: FeatureTable, schema_file_path: str) str

Use this method if you want to use a jsonschema file to create the feature table If other entities/features were registered, this method will append the ones in the jsonschema to them

args: - schema_file_path: str - The local path to the file containing the jsonschema definition